Your life just became easier.

Online account access made easier!

In continuing to improve our services, Mentor Lumber & Supply Co. is working to improve your online account access with INET 4.0

Now available!

INET 4.0 has in improved user interface, exciting new features, AND it's easier to use.

With an INET 4.0 account, you will be able to:
  • View balances
  • View applied payments
  • View invoices
  • View statements (coming soon)
  • Make payments on your account (new)
  • Check inventory
  • Check pricing
  • Check status of existing orders
  • Create your own estimates

Inet 4.0 is now ready to go!  Just click the image below and go to "Apply for Access".

**INET 4.0 does require a charge account with Mentor Lumber & Supply Co. and account must be kept current.  If you already have an INET 2.0 Account, you will need to re-apply for INET 4.0