Seems like a no-brainer.

Installing rafter ties have always been a dreaded task when framing any project.  Tedious and time consuming, it can eat up valuable profits.  What if we told you there was a new way ... that is less $ and FASTER!  Check it out!

The Strong-Drive® SDWC TRUSS screw provides a stud-to-bottom plate or stud-to-top plate connection as well as a method to fasten trusses and rafters to top plates. The fully-threaded shank engages the entire length of the fastener providing a secure connection. The SDWC is tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC233 (screw) and AC13 (wall assembly and roof-to wall assembly) for uplift and lateral loads between wall plates and vertical wall framing and between the top plate and the roof rafters or trusses.

For Truss/Rafter-to-Plate Connections:

The Strong-Drive® SDWC provides a time-saving and reliable option to fastening trusses and rafters to wall top plates. The SDWC offers fully tested loads in accordance with ICC-ES AC233 (screw) and ICC-ES AC13 (roof-to-wall assembly), and installs easily and effectively without pre-drilling.

  • Fully-threaded shank engages the entire length of the fastener, providing a secure connection between the roof and wall framing members
  • Cap-style head countersinks fully into the double top plate to avoid interference with drywall or finish trades
  • Can be installed from inside the structure, eliminating exterior work on the upper stories and enhancing job safety

Truss/Rafter to Plate

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